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Rails 5.1.0

On today's episode, Charles and David discuss about Rails 5.1.0. The new release is moving the community towards front-end JavaScript. Starting a Vanilla application has even become more convenient with Yarn and Webpack support. Tune in to this exciting talk to learn more!

“It's a great move forward without compromising what Rails stands for and its overall integrity—to give you the option to choose where you want to go while still maintaining the convention of configuration.” -David Kimura

Yarn Support in Rails

The new release comes with Yarn support. Yarn works as a package manager, that allows easy installation of other packages or JavaScript libraries into the Rails app. It can also be used to maintain and update the different versions. Overall, having Yarn in Rails 5 provides more convenience than looking for the source outside and pulling it in.

Yarn vs NPM

According to a blog post by Rails, the new release is set “to manage JavaScript dependencies from NPM via Yarn.” As David explains it, Yarn serves like a bundler while NPM serves at the backend. But, he is not so sure about the difference. On Charles' end, what he knows is that NPM includes a dependency management. Although both Charles and David don't agree with everything they've put up, the Rails core team has never failed to provide solid and good reasons for their releases.

Convenience with Webpack

The Webpack support also makes things convenient. Charles loved it when Rails adopted copy script, but felt he had better options. As he moved away, he found it difficult to integrate his options. With Webpack, he can now pull up a plugin and simply ensure Webpack does its job.Download and listen to Rails 5.1.0. Don't forget to leave a rating and review if you enjoyed the show. We love hearing from you!


David: Minio Amazon S3 Compliant API Charles: JS RemoteConf talk about Lambda function, AWS Lambda

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5.1.0 release notes, Yarn, Webpack


RR 305 Rails 5.1.0


[0:00] Music.[0:06] Episode 305 of the roads podcast this week on our panel we have Dave camera.[0:14] How's it going I'm Charles Max with DevChat. TV I just want to quickly shut out about Ruby remote-com.This week we're talking about rails one or 5.1.0.Dave you put the other video on Roofing Ruby about this you want to kind of give us a thumbnail sketch and get us going on what we're discussing here.[0:36] Yeah reels 5108 it's a huge update,yeah I really think that this is one they're bigger releases that they've done you other than that major versions that I mean they've included so many different things as well as deprecated a lot of different methods of the biggest things now that I know that the community that were,tenant moving towards or the community,just kind of what they have seem to like us know a lot more JavaScript front and stuff and now with the additions of stuff like yarn and webpack,it makes it a lot easier to start off a vanilla rails application,which is a kind of baked in an included know and they've added a lot more things I'm excited to talk about today and I think it's a great move forward without compromising the,nowhat rail stands for and it's an overall Integrity know to kind of give you the option to choose the direction that you want to go while still maintaining the convention of configuration,or convention over configuration yes so one thing that I just want to talk about here for a second is.Going back to that that idea around JavaScript in that front and JavaScript you know given that this is a web framework in the direction that the wave is going I mean this is really exciting that they are moving in this direction where you can now actually,: packages for web applications and then you know you something like web Pactiv to build stuff.[2:10] I was felt like the asset pipeline work but it was a little bit clunky and it's nice that they're just adopting some open source software that.Pretty much a lot of the rest of the web uses and then getting all the goodies that come with that.[2:26] Yeah absolutely this is Charles Max just wanted to talk to you really briefly about freelancer.com.I'm putting on a conference for people who want to go freelance or who are freelance and bringing in some of the experts from the freelancer show to talk to you about how to find clients how to collect money.How to build your business how to specialize and much much more.If you're thinking about going freelance or you're already freelance and want to hear from the experts on house to go become a.Grow your freelancing business then by all means come check us out a freelancer milk.com.[3:07] Goodies that come with that yeah absolutely,and the idea with yarn and one the really cool things about it in for the lister's you don't know yarn is just saying it's kind of like Butler for JavaScript where it's just a package manager so you can easily install other.Packages are JavaScript libraries into your rails application like full calendar or any other kind of jobs.JavaScript library with these and you can also use it to maintain and update the different versions so,they've definitely made it a lot nicer than having to go out find that Library source,food into your vendor assets and then yeah we do everything no work no then run your system test they made it much more integrated now that's why I really like I've been quite drink their webpack Kool-Aid yet,it's okay if he has so has some issues with it but you know that's neither here nor later but we'll see what happens with it.I really like webpack I've been using it with angular stuff for a while and then it's it's pretty awesome.You know you just pulling what you need and then you run it and it seems to generally work I mean there are a lot of config options you know there's a huge surface area to the API.Ultimately.It it has some plug-ins for pretty much everything you need to do with it so it's a nice way to go there I'm curious though I haven't used yarn so what's the difference between yarn and then p.m.[4:43] I don't know if there is a,any kind of major difference that you need to well I guess yard as maybe just the front end or a kind of the interface for using npm no,I'm not really too much of a JavaScript guy to really be able to notice the door know the difference but on the change log or on the Block does that they have no the first point is to manage JavaScript dependencies from in pmba yarn,so it sounds like yarn is kind of like your Butler and mpm is,just kind of the back inside of things yeah but npm includes dependency management,and so that that's kind of where I'm it does it does which is kind of strange you know now it's are until someone actually like call something out or set something do I really something like yeah what is going on there,know and honestly to date of the Rails core team has never failed me,and while I do not agree with everything that they do in some instances I think for the most part when they do introduce a big new technology into their,Horror core rails app that it's usually pretty solid and good.[6:08] Yep yeah I mean I agree I mean there's some areas that I just.Baby do stuff and I'm just like okay but then another areas you know that they generally have the right of things,you know in until I move on to something else so what one example is coffee scripture example I loved it when they adopted coffeescript but I felt like there have been other options that are.At least better for me that have come out since then primarily es6 and typescript and so you know is a move away from that sometimes it's not as easy to integrate some other options.And that's one of the things that I'm really excited about with,using something like is that webpack like I said has all those plug-in so integrating that stuff is just a matter of pulling in the typescript plug-in and then making sure that the webpack build.Does what it's supposed to do and I think one of my main issues with webpack,with how they have an integrated into the rails application right now,in the speedo where I guess now it's a release candidate won at the time of this recording is that yet to run a separate incense or separate server to actually be able to serve out those assets and I think that's kind of you know,especially when start working on a much larger application where you need to be testing your background job so you can maybe have a sidekick running then you have a red a server than you have,no question database server running your rails application now you have an extra component or do you have to have the webpack service running to serve your assets it just seems you.[7:49] I just one more thing that have to worry about almost that's kind of way.Listen Bells 510 I've been completely bought into wet pack yet.[8:02] Yeah I mean I think for the most part it works behind the scenes I haven't actually tried to integrate any these things into it but it appears to work primarily behind the scenes so.[8:13] I don't know how much configuration or me know how you need with webpack 2 to make things work at least in the the basic case.Oasis you want to configure it to do other things I mean you had to fill with rails to make it do yes 6 or.Typescript or something else anyway and it didn't always work seamlessly so you know you may run into the some of the same issues but at least webpack is designed to handle that stuff.Yeah and I guess from that perspective you know it does,just work within rails 510 you know if you run the the webpack-dev-server so you know from that perspective you know yes it's a lot less trying to take her and get it to work now you don't have to worry about your initializer files or any kind of configurations that you just run the server and it work,San Fran that perspective now it is definitely much much nicer I guess I just see him one at all no I totally understand,it was interesting though was that you can actually do.Webpack equals aren't on your options for dash dash webpack equals angler review or react and it'll actually pulling all the stuff that you need there yeah,that is really cold so I think that's going to for those who are still no really sold on the actionview I think this is going to kind of be a case where,if it's that simple to get up and running with few or react or angular within a new rails application that might be a push for more developers to try out these JavaScript Frameworks.[9:55] Yeah I agree.[9:58] And I mean the way that I've done angular in the past is angular has its own CLI and so I would just generate a separate angular app.And then it would run all that stuff and then I would just tell it how to talk to a railsback end so the fact that I can actually spin up an angular front end,and the rails back-end and kind of have it all automatically talk to each other cuz it was kind of tricky sometimes to make it talk to the back in the way I wanted.This makes it really seamless for that yeah and then you have everything kind of in one ice,I repo you don't have to worry about managing two separate things or whatever so yeah it is pretty cool,yeah I'm previous Ruby rug got this as I kind of said I had this dream about you Jas I'm not so have that.Conviction to try it out haven't had time yet been busy building a deck now like that actual wooden deck which is a whole nother story but it all comes down to power tools men,so yeah so yeah the whole JavaScript stuff that came in 510 has been pretty amazing,then also dropping the support for the default,jQuery as a dependency you I think is pretty you just specially if you're trying to really get to hit no hit that sub 100 millisecond response or even the first.[11:29] The first request no letting up those assets know if you don't need them in there than reducing that I said js5000 size,yeah I can definitely be pretty big I don't know what jQuery comes in as a identified size but I guess benefind in Jesus,but now it's so awesome overhead so having that night as a default dependency anymore is pretty cool.Yeah that made me happy I mean it's funny because I remember when I first started doing web development.It was shortly before or shortly after Jake. Come out until we were doing stuff with prototype JS and then.It was all this is so nice and it's funny to me now that it's like oh yeah I don't have to worry anymore.[12:16] Yeah I remember that prototype days and no maybe that's when I started to really hate,JavaScript just as a whole no I had some bad bad experiences with the Prototype back in the day.Yeah but it's you know it it's getting better and better and you know was you pulling some of these Frameworks like reactor Angela review they handle a lot of the dumb Frost,the stuff that you don't really need to know or don't need to want to know,for you and they do it without jQuery in so if you're pulling in and angular or reactor if you it just.You know it does the right thing for you and so yet not having that monolithic Library cuz it it is a fairly large Library.You know what does cut down on that band with that you're taking up and the other thing is is that by not loading a large file like jquery-ui jQuery UI into your application especially on mobile which.Accounts for more and more traffic on the web these days you know it just makes it that much faster and easier and so that with that was definitely a big plus.[13:27] Yeah yeah absolutely and if you're not going to find Angie zipping at the.Know your assets you're definitely doing something wrong there you know he says you're a CSS nsj files go so I mean that right there is going to be your biggest bang for the buck and it's free today too,yeah well the other thing is is that if you using webpack it has plug-ins for tree shaking.And then that'll also make your beer deliverable smaller I'm not sure if you're familiar with pre shaking.Is that kind of like a on CSS for JavaScript or just remove the unused functions yeah basically okay so yeah it's.It only works if you're using es6 variant so he has six or transcript.But you can go in and because of the way that the modules are written and loaded.It'll go through and it'll actually pick out all of the different pieces that you're not using so.As far as I know it doesn't work it doesn't work well with extra 5.And so you know copy script compile survive it doesn't go through any S6 system and so.It will work out as well but there's a system out there called the roll up there's a JavaScript jabber episode on roll up and it explains what retaking isn't works been so I'll put a link to that in the show notes but yeah.So that mean again coming back to webpack there are all these options you can pull in and it has a couple of tree shaking plugins you can hook up and it'll reduce that compiled Javascript file size that much more.[15:07] That's cool yeah I have to look into that more cuz I always like no trying to get my application to perform as fast as possible even on the first request that definitely sounds like you know,you can almost blindly just pull in the know who bootstrap JavaScript library and then just kind of have it automatically trim down what's not being used,yeah yeah yeah there a lot of these Frameworks that like bootstrap tour jQuery or in reserve Foundation or some of these others that yeah,no you're not using all the features I load them up to the user and why make them you know pay to wait for that file download.[15:50] Yeah it so we're not going we're not all all in a gigabit connection snow come on it's 2017.Especially.Yeah well I'm just waiting for the new new version of cellular networks come out where we do have against a really fast speeds well don't know what.Can't wait well and I think it's it's funny cuz you know to wax a little bit maybe political for a second.People are going to up in arms somewhere the over things over things like mint neutrality and I think honestly if if it was kind of ubiquitous why the internet pipe kind of access.I think a lot of those concerns would go away because you would just you would never max out to the point where you're actually coming up against somebody else using up bandwidth.And so we just don't know you're going to make whatever service faster well you know prioritize away because.You know unless you're throttling somebody it just won't matter.[16:57] Yeah I agree and then I don't know all the Shady corporate stuff that goes on I don't know,I hate it don't like some some companies I won't name them just because I don't know for absolute but I heard that they will uncapped your bandwidth,I forgive you like your full speed one like speedtest.net,Advance Auto in other areas such as such crap why would you do that that's not nice anyway I let us on doing tangent talk about on so.Oh yeah yeah but I agree with you on that so yeah so we talked a lot about the JavaScript stuff is there anything else related to the front in that we should.You know hit on this another area.Well are they did unify form pack and form for they kind of bonded income or with witches,Konica yeah it kind of takes the guesswork of do I need use for Integra form for in these situations personally I use simple form some forms for most my things so it's not,it doesn't really matter too much but I'll still find myself using form tag for something like this I swear I'm not actually referencing a model with that form.[18:19] But I think now just having a big clean a code and so that's definitely a cool thing.Yeah I agree in infamy it's like look I want a form and let me just tell you what the form is about instead of.Old form for form with a which ones which were form for and form tag.[18:43] So that it definitely is a welcome change email also having the apartment as mailers no I think that's just going to make the whole mailing pipeline,much much more drain cleaner,so have you read up on that much I looked at it I didn't quite see how to call it as opposed to so calling it with parameters.Yeah so you know when you can reduce the number of parameters that you're requiring 4-H maylard,right now you're going to send out and you can have her before action which will basically said that instance variables for all of the different common things but,I am having a passing the Predators from your controller or your background job and to the mailer it has access to the perimeters holding the prince from that was the part I was clear on.Yeah so that's that's kind of cool you know,I do see where it kind of opens it up to where you can make some more mistakes or get some errors in your app that you wouldn't normally cuz you were explicitly setting the parameters but I think it's some.Yeah it should be an interesting move forward yeah I completely agree in it.Let me just simplifying that much and then like you've mentioned of the before actions works like,a walk and I kind of got some done some default things or I know I'm going to want it to set up off of the parameters for all of these are most of these different melee options.[20:23] I mean is that just simplify sat on the stuff.Cuz I'm the stuff that I need to do one set up for everything yeah just happens and then the stuff that is different than I just run that in the method and then tell it which template to run.[20:36] Yeah yeah.I guess my biggest gripe with this release candidate 510 is just all the deprecation that they've done no one can see it's important take,clean up some of the Legacy code and the real score I think that,this side this release is going to break a lot more applications than you even upgrading to rails 5 from 4.No I'm,there's a lot of gems that were using deprecated methods and stuff that I think we're going to have some issues upgrading even from reels 52510 so when a grievance of the whole,relais I would be yet you know I wish I had some kind of better,better way of moving off the deprecated methods over into maybe a separate gym or something where you can still access them so you can slowly upgrade to a new version but.Now they can adjust.Took it away and now you have to go back and fix Jen's or Smith pull request for other gems which isn't a bad thing to keep the help get those maintain its kind of annoying annoying.Yeah well maybe somebody will write a gym that puts them all back and then throws warnings or something at you.Yeah or maybe you can load the gym and then you know make some kind of setup call that says start throwing me errors after this date or something I don't know.[22:11] But it it yeah I don't know I mean a lot of those are things that I used to.You know like the render text and you know some of the other you know things that they pulled out of there I was just like wow that's kind of been core and been there for ever.Yeah yeah which I can I can see you all are there reasons for never getting a lot of those,so they have some kind of fallback plan to where you can slowly migrate go so at least you're on the latest version of rails you're just so using some not even security,related issues but you know you're still using some of the old deprecated methods just cuz you haven't had time to update a gym or your application but you're so getting the latest security fixes and all that stuff,you coming from a more unsupported version of rails or something is there a full list of the deprecated methods.I don't think so I'll release you if you go to the changelogs for each one of the different main packages.You can kind of see them in the changelog know that might be a good list compiled just so you can easily search through it but.Yeah maybe I have to write a blog post yeah that could be interesting but anyway.I'm just I'm looking through the change log just to see and most of these are things that they've.[23:46] Editor changed as opposed to things that they pulled out so yeah.Yeah I'm not I'm not seeing a list of things that we're actually deprecated so yeah I don't I don't know.[23:59] It definitely be interesting to to see.[24:04] Yeah that was a lot of stuff removed from action support so.Yeah well and that's going to affect more things than just rails because there are a lot of systems out there these actors work because they just assume that you know people are used to the rails so they won all those goodies in Ruby.General and so other gems and other systems pull that in so should be interesting but yeah.[24:36] Yeah. Hey everybody this is Charles Max what I just wanted to talk to you really briefly about yes or no.Are we just pick speakers things are looking really good and we're really excited to cover a broad range of topics for JavaScript Avella person so if you're looking to learn things about nodejs.About becoming a better developer about deployment about mobile development and much more and much more about JavaScript income check is out yes or no contact.Are you can also find it by going to Deb. TV / conferences and then picking the conference you want we have last year's recordings there we have this year's.A conference coming up to make sure you get your ticket and we'll see you there interesting but yeah.[25:22] And I've been playing around with Capybara for a date yeah it's a kind of topics but there's some.But sometimes 510 which is really cool yeah I really like that yeah I looked at that.I watched you're drifting Ruby video on it too and he kind of showed it off and that I mean if you've written copy Barra you know there's not a whole lot that's changed.But just the fact that it all sort of works and you don't have to go and.You know include coffee bar and then include the driver and then jump through all these hoops and then you know configure R-Spec in the make it all play nice you know it just kind of all does the right thing.That's super nice.Yeah yeah absolutely and that's one more exciting things that yeah I found in rails 5 1.It actually makes me kind of Wonder right test from applications now.So now I'm so bad I'm so bad about it you know I do on the mission critical,funny things but as far as any kind of accepted acceptance test with no like capybara or you know like ass llennium driver,tentacion I really don't do that too much now it's more just unit srr specks not really actually,pulling up the driver learning of web page and like kind of Step through the process so.[26:58] I don't know what are your what are your thoughts I'm like so bad about reading test cuz it's alright I have two hours I want to get this feature in,okay I'm done with the future crap out of time don't have time to write the acceptance test for it so,the animals have an afterthought sometimes as far as the system level test go I mean for those I generally just bright the happy path test.Because they take longer to run until I'm typically not going to run my systems test as part of my my regular test weed I usually just run in the.Buena test and then an integration test and I need men usually those integration tests if they're you know.Internal systems internal system and I just run them and if they connect to some external system then I'll run vcr and that way those are fast as well,and when it comes down to the actual you know hit and run through it you know it it essentially has two virtualizer browser and it's just not this fast.[28:03] With those I'm not running them all the time and so it's like if it's not mission-critical it typically won't get one of those System test but.Yeah for me it's just the approach of hey what is this supposed to do.And I like to write my test first because a lot of times I'm looking at I'm like okay how do I do this.And so if I can start to characterize it a little bit and see if I put these things in and it should have these side effects in the output,and that's typically where my test start and then it's okay so I need something that does this piece of this you know this piece of the process and so I'll jump in and write that part.Did actually.Does that part of the process and it's the same thing right given these inputs and these existing conditions outside of the method.You know what are the side effects and what are the outputs and all those things and I just work through it that way over and over and over again but yeah.I know people that write the system test for everything but typically what they do is they run that on there see I build before they deploy.Yeah and then they also paralyzed their tests so that if it's an hour's worth of tests to be run and they have 4 quarters than it can run it 15 minutes.[29:25] Yeah.Man riding running test it it is actually kind of fun you know and it kind of gives you that good fuzzy feeling that now yes the application is working as intended so it's all good.Yep in some testing with the capybara I'm really excited to play Play-Doh play with that a lot more.Yeah but they're just the fact that they cleaned a lot of that stuff up so you don't have to bang your head against the wall.I was just nice absolutely one other area that I saw that I was super excited about where the encrypted secrets.I just thought you know you hear about these websites getting hacked,and then you put all your secrets into the secrets that you know but it's a plain text file that you deploy to your server or,if you're not doing that then typically what you wind up doing is you either mind putting it in environment variables which if they can get on your machine they can ask the system for those if they know the names and the names are all is well so it's not that hard to figure out what.You know what those are for the other thing is is.You know just the step of you know putting it in any way it is kind of convoluted so the fact that you can encrypt the secrets and then.You know you put the key on the machine and environment variable you can lock that down to some degree.[30:55] And anyway makes it a whole lot simpler to keep the stuff that you want to keep secret secret even if somebody hops onto your machine and is able to you know login.[31:06] Yeah that's definitely a cool aspect about it and I think from a development standpoint that's going to be really helpful just because you know I don't like have them my,AWS keys in plain text you know if I,no just testing out my development machine because you can still do a lot of damage with that know if you got those,so I think from that perspective it's really cool and for smaller shops this is definitely going to be a definitely a helpful tool because you don't have you ever deployed,new application only to have it crash because you didn't have a environment very bored something said yeah you forgot one of those so now you can kind of do it all in the development phase of things and I even had to worry about it,telkonet expect it's pretty cool I think on the Enterprise level because once again into larger shops or where there's a lot more.Kind of segregation of rolls,you know people don't developers usually don't have access to production environments so in that case you know the devops team is having to give you the secrets to maintain,now within the rails application because it's going into this and Cryptid secrets so they're the devil's person is either going to have to pull down the rails application at it to Secrets file and then push up,make a merger request back into the rails application or they're going to have to give the key to the developer to do so I can see where.[32:45] That kind of.Create starts and create some conflicting roles there and just managing the secrets but I think for the most part it's definitely a great move forward and it reminds me a lot of the ansible Vault,soThe ansible bolts is basically where you going to check into your good repo the secrets or passwords as well but it just stores it in a separate encrypted file if you don't have a key file you actually have to have a password that you type in,and so it really works along much along the same lines except the secrets violin Broyles 510,it requires you did kind of have like a console editor like the idea no Emax or whatever that it'll open up decrypt the following open it up and as soon as you can so you never have to worry about it,just kind of sitting out there in plain text yep.Will and I just also remember the nightmare right of like setting up on Heroku even where you put everything into environment variables and seeing if it's okay well I have the database name in the database,user name in the database password and then I'm also running something over on.Mongo hosting I don't remember what it is Mungo hq.com I think and so that I have like three or four keys for that and then I have in a couple of keys for AWS and I've got keys for you have like.[34:20] A dozen or two dozen of these things and yeah just to be able to put them all in one file and just look and check and know that they're all there and you know and then have them encrypted when you.Commit them to your repo so that there you don't have to do anything other than just a ploy it up and then make sure that the key is on the other end.Yes that definitely is a definitely reduces arrest for human error which I think is a good thing and in many cases so yeah change.Yep see what are the new things that have yeah there were a lot of,new features that didn't make it into the main blog post that you're kind of dug around and found in the chains logs and one of them what's the support and not so he's my comrade be quite a bit but the virtual columns and I think that's going to be pretty cool to wear,what kind of place on to her other talk about the stored procedures that we had with the DB guy a few weeks ago Carlos.Yeah yeah sorry I couldn't remember his name but no being able to,upload from your rails application from doing some kind of calculations and putting on the sequel side you don't have any available just has a attribute,you can call me what's up with in the Railside I think it makes a code a lot cleaner wild so giving you that performance boost in the flexibility.[35:57] Premier sequel side.[36:00] So that was a really cool thing I was excited to see that and then I can't wait to get in there and play around with that a bit more.Yeah see I'm more on the postgresql or using something like Monday or something.So I it for me typically it's not as much of a thing that I'm getting excited about but at the same time just realizing that.[36:25] You know it it's there people need it and the lot of people are using MySQL and so I'm glad to see that they're supporting options and mainly for me the more options you have the you know the better you can.Solve problems so now you have this other option can look at it and say what you know I really do need that feature in my skill someone to pick that instead of going with the postgres or something else.Yeah absolutely.And then I find the most of these database options I mean they'll solve 18 + 90% of your problems any of them well just depending on how you want to structure your data and how you want to think about the way that it all connects.But you know if there's one feature that one of them has that the other doesn't then you know it's nice to be able to pick that one and just make it work.I am in a lot of ways it seems like.[37:16] My sink was catching up with postgres and some of those kind of features or like a bicycle 5-7 added in the Json data type and stuff like that you know where you can,different data types of be able to sort your day to see that had to sort as a binary or something you have so that's pretty cool I just can't get over postgres is the search sensitivity and stuff like that that so just kind of bugs made just haven't,note to find a manual work around for those kind of things.I think that like that bit me one time I'm like I hate those for his.Well if it matters then you don't use it and if it doesn't matter than you do right yeah but I do miss grass from not having used it is just a full text search,what's in there now and said I have to spend out like a elasticsearch service or something like that to go get that functionality.[38:25] Yep absolutely yeah so just one of those things yet another thing in.I don't know how this is really going to affect my day today but just the change from a Reuben SAE Ruby no just for head person the RB files no I guess,I don't know if it's going to be a speed increase on the application site but it's nice to see that they have dropped arubus and favor something that's currently supported,or maintained.Yeah I thought that was interesting I didn't realize that Aruba's had been abandoned for lack of a better term so just seeing that I was like oh okay I mean ultimately.If it works I'm not that worried about it and you know if it's faster that's a bonus but I don't know how measurably.[39:25] No different it's going to be so yeah I wasn't like I was just like okay.[39:34] Yeah well it's good to see that the real score team is doing that kind of due diligence where they're making sure that they are using some kind of dependency that it is being maintained and it is going to be,inside kennel future-proofing so I do I do like that I like seeing that now that I'm so good as them.Yeah well the other thing is is that I don't want to have to worry about well if it's not being maintained then.[40:07] Does have security issues any cuz I'm going to my brain goes to the worst case scenario and the worst case scenario is is not being maintained to my giving you hacked.[40:16] And the fact that I can just okay you know they're on to something that's maintained you know that that makes me happy yeah,definitely a good move I can't think of any of the other things that they've added in but I know there's so much more but like the big highlight points.Yeah absolutely well and you know the fact that they're still moving ahead I mean.There is there so much discussion around you know is Israel's going to still be relevant in you know people worried too about.Whether or not you know ghh ghh is very opinionated and a lot of his opinions are things that people just don't agree with,or they feel like kind of hold railsback in some ways and so it's like okay well are they going to move ahead in ways that matter and I think this is a pretty clear shout out of,yeah they they get where things are going and this is a big step in that direction yeah,agree and I think that just because I want something and I would love to see it baked into the real score if it's not a globally beneficial change then it's going to hurt,rails more so in the long run if no we had that kind of stuff and so I think that he does try to keep a,does do a good job of trying to keep a objective mind on is it's going to be globally beneficial,to everybody or we can hit the masses as a global beneficial so I think that's know it's really tough to do sometimes you or at least take a very specific time.[41:57] And make an abstract enough to where it will be globally beneficial so yeah it's a tough job,absolutely alright well anything else that we should hit before we go to pics not that I can think of I mean.We had some good discussions there what thing did come to mind just briefly was the fact that I so I just switched I am no longer a Mac,person I guess you know I still have the MacBook Pro but I just set up a new a new desktop machine,and I just built it myself because it was way cheaper and I don't get the little canister with 10 million things hanging off of it you know the Mac Pro sit in my office and 99% of the time when I'm doing work or doing podcasts and so what I'm wondering is,is Duality work on Windows.Like if I go install rails 5 1 on Windows you know am I going to be able to install yarn am I going to be able to.Do some of these other things that are going to work on the yard runs on note so I'm assuming that it does.But you know some of these other features are they going to work or am I kind of in trouble well you do have a couple options.Oh I would not consider installing rails on your actual Windows environment as a good option because chances are you could be hosting on a unique Style,Debian sensor whatever else.[43:30] But there is Bash for Windows which is available last year I think it was June and they're in one of their big updates in Windows 10 they added batch for Windows and.I've been played around with that too much but it did it does look very promising and it's getting better and better yeah it's still a beta reader and yeah I mean I've I want up going to.Three different Microsoft developer conferences last year for JavaScript jabber they invited us out.And um yeah it's just been interesting to see that and I know that that's their I don't know though if it has like full-on lvm rgcc support.You know for building some extensions the.Rail sometimes depends on depending on what you're doing with it and I'm also not sure you know as far as tooling goes and things like that just exactly how that's going to work out I kind of want to set it up just to see.What the hang ups are these days cuz I know that it's way better than you know 10 years ago when I started doing rails.Yeah it should be interesting and then I'm always curious you know today do they push a rails 510.Release and then figure out some of these issues on Windows or do they have people complaining to them right now.For some of these things in the go okay we'll fix them fix that will fix that and use that actually treat him as blockers until I get it out.[45:00] So if you're on a Windows computer and if you don't want to,can I drink sea bass from Windows Kool-Aid Jessie I just had a few her for compatibility and check out the doctor you know dr. is a great alternative and actually just recorded this past weekend,no or I guess at the time of this recording dr. for Windows intro to where I have a,fairly vanilla rails application using some external sources like my Sequel and redness and just building a doctor file that will be able to install and run your rails application Within,Linux containers,on your Windows PC but then so have access to your application on the Windows side that edited and use your favorite Sublime Text at or whatever just natively on the computer and.My point with that is with dr. and some the new features a real 510 you can log in to the doctor container which you can then run your yarn commands and stuff like that,you can install the dependencies are packages for the different JavaScript libraries.[46:13] Yeah I actually have VMware Workstation on here so it would actually got a Mac OS and Ubuntu server setup and so I'll probably wind up doing some of the work on those.But I really do want to see what the experience is like running Ruby on Windows and just see what you know if anything they are still you know where the issues are.Yeah and before I got it back back in the day you know so few years ago I use virtualbox to virtualize like it too and then I just create a network share within their access all of the,code on my local Windows machine and they just kind of transfer it locally on that,internal Network so that's how I used to develop by reels application but never on a Windows,Mike sollie Windows without some kind of Linux hypervisor or something like that.Yeah I'm just curious to see what thing I'm sorry going back to your point about dr. you're probably just do an episode on dr. at some point but.There are actually images out there so you don't actually have to go out and set up a doctor in the edit your doctor file to get postgresql or MySQL running,you can actually just installed doctor and then tell it to download and run the postgres or the MySQL or whatever else Oracle.Docker container and it'll pull it down and set it up for you so yeah it's really nice.[47:46] And there were way off in the weeds in to talk about this in the future but.Alright well when we do some pics do you want.Peter this is Charles Max one I just wanted to talk to you really briefly about freelancer.com.I'm putting on a conference for people who want to go freelance or who are freelance and bringing in some of the experts from the freelancer show to talk to you about how to find clients how to collect money.How to build your business how to specialize and much much more so if you're thinking about going freelance or you're already freelance and want to hear from the experts on house to go.Become.Grow your freelancing business then by all means come check us out a freelancer milk.com alright well when we do some pics do you want to start us off with pics.Well I am done with my pics on power tools,so I think I'm all power sold out but one thing I have is a program that I found call Mineo and,it is basically a Amazon S3 compliant API that you can host yourself so,I'll swing around with this on a application that I have just you know for my own personal stuff and a used S3 on my testing environment my development environment and the plumbing head was I didn't want to push these files up to S3 even in a test bucket cuz that.[49:18] Costs money came out of my ear free trial,from a wso now is charging me money this way I can have my own locally installed S3 complain API and buckets and I can just,does everything work leave without actually having to go out and hit the internet,so it's a pretty cool thing and it was a drop-in replacement almost for my rails application so it's pretty cool.[49:46] Nice yeah speaking of that.There was a really interesting talk and I really want to dig into it some more but there was a talk at GSR mill, then this isn't a WS specific but they have a system called the Lambda.Manager has as your functions there are a handful of other systems out there that do the same thing IBM has one that was what the talk was,actually about it yes or no, but he was talking about using these systems for kind of that one off,sort of jobs you kind of things that you you would do and some people that built their entire application so they have like you're really thin.Application that just outsources everything to a Lambda function that then integrates with whatever else you have dinner great with on the web and so I've been looking at a lot of those systems to run some of the things that I want to run.And that's cool this actually supports Linda functions a really yeah,to check it out I'll have to check it out that's really cool but yeah so that's something that I'm excited about what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to figure out because.Lambda only supports nodejs and python I think and so I'm trying to figure out how to make the connection.To slack with cuz what I want is I want to system that I can essentially hit an endpoint and have it invite somebody to a slack group.[51:23] I'm trying to make that happen with no Jas and two hits It's been a little less than obvious but I haven't spend a ton of time digging into it yet either so.Anyway should be kind of interesting to see how that all works out but I do like the idea of not having to maintain a system that does it you know I just,you know have my website hits a pier and have a beer it doesn't point then it just works.To pick that talk and then I'm also going to pick.[51:58] I can't even talk anymore and then I'm also going to pick aws-lambda cuz it's cool stuff.Alright well let's go ahead and wrap this up I will have some links to some of the resources we mentioned in the show notes about the Ruby rails 5 1.And the questions I put them in the comments and hopefully we can get you some answers.[52:25] Yeah thanks for having me again all right talk to everybody next week.Been with for this segment is provided by Cash live the world's fastest ET and deliver your content fast with cash life is it cache fly.com to learn more.[52:46] Music. 

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