RR 304 The Rails 5 Way with Obie Fernandez


    The Rails 5 Way with Obie Fernandez

    Obie Fernandez is the author of The Rails Way series. He has been in the programming industry for almost 25 years. He helped cultivate software development with Jason Swett at Africa. Tune in to today's fascinating talk about The Rails 5 Way with Obie Fernandez! 

    From Blogging to Writing a Book

    Obie was already blogging for nine years about ruby and rails when Addison Wesley editor Debra Williams invited him to write a book. The only ruby book available that time was The Ruby Way by Hal Fulton.

    Obie's first idea was to write about rails and the enterprise. But, the ideas he had weren't sufficient for a book. He ended writing a Rails reference book, which took him 3 years to complete.

    The Start of a Series

    He told his dad about the writing opportunity. Obie found it great to author a book. The funny thing was his dad just shoved the idea off and told him to return when he already has his signature series.

    He told Debra about it, and was given the idea that he could write a series if he want. That's when he decided to submit a proposal for a Ruby series.

    Towards a Comprehensive Read

    Writing the book forced Obie to learn a lot. According to him, writing a book is more than just writing. He is thankful that he got a lot of help in the process.

    Before the series, Obie has written a couple of books using the Fieldstone Method. Using simple text files, he kept track of his ideas as they naturally came to him. Basically, he noted them down until he finally compiled them into one book.

    Download and listen to The Rails 5 Way with Obie Fernandez. Connect with Obie via Twitter @obie. You can also follow him through these links:


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