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RR 295 The European Ruby Community with Devon C Estes

RR 295 The European Ruby Community with Devon C Estes

On today’s episode, Charles Max Wood, Brian Hogan, and Jason Swett discuss The European Ruby Community with Devon C Estes. Devon is a Ruby and RAILS developer for Education Superhighway, a nonprofit in San Francisco which helps every public school classroom in America to upgrade their Internet access. He also does a lot of Elixir and open source stuff. Tune in as he shares more about the Ruby communities outside the US.

Ruby Beyond the US Borders

In comparison to the Ruby communities in the US, the community in Berlin, Germany is still like how the US community was 10 years ago. 

Another difference Devon points out is the geographical diversity in the US community. There are so many people coming from different parts of the world which he has not seen in Berlin. He finds his encounter with people who write Ruby from Singapore, Vietnam, Nigeria, and South Africa surprising. He is amazed with how wide the Ruby community is in the US.

Meet-ups in European Community

Meet-ups in Europe move around every year. Just recently, Devon spoke at Ruby Day in Italy which was like a Ruby conference. This year it was in Florence, Italy.

Charles mentions that when he lived in Italy 15 years ago as missionary, he met Africans living there too. It is not surprising that they are part of the European Ruby community. However, Devon still considers the US community to be by far more geographically diverse than in Europe.

Perspective Difference

The biggest difference Devon saw in terms of programming is around RAILS. In the US, Ruby is instantly associated to RAILS. In Europe, people explore alternative frameworks, and they use RAILS in a different ways.  

One of the alternative frameworks that is getting significant European interest is Hanami by Luca Guidi. Hanami has similarities with RAILS, but are different in some other ways in terms of how Ruby is used. They add few models and not merely MVC.

To the learn more about European Ruby Community with Devon C Estes, download and listen to the entire episode. Devon would love to hear from you. Follow him on Twitter @devoncestes, and he’ll be happy to answer your tweets or DMs.

If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of European Ruby Community with Devon C Estes:

Who is Devon C Estes? (00:45)

How is the European Ruby community different from the US? (2:06)

How are meet-ups in Europe? (04:44)

How different does the Europe community look at Ruby? (09:40)

How to bridge the gap between US and Europe communities? (18:06)

Devon's favorite thing about being outside the US Ruby community? (31:36)


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