RR 296 The Future of Work in Web Development with Erik Dietrich

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RR 296 The Future of Work in Web Development with Erik Dietrich

On today’s episode, Jason Swett and David Kimura discuss The Future of Work in Web Development with Erik Dietrich. Erik is the founder of DaedTech LLC, programmer, architect, IT management consultant, blogger, and technologist. Tune in and listen as he talks about where he sees things are headed in web development.

Developer Hegemony

Erik is currently working on a book which he titled "Developer Hegemony". It centers around the idea of software developers and the future of software development. In its broadest sense, software developers would leave big enterprise organizations and shift to more freelance work. They would unite and create firms that focus on application development. These firms would then be in contract with large enterprises. 

The Book's Inspiration

His inspiration in writing the book was drawn from all his work experiences in web development. Everything that he has learned in those years made him view software development process in the corporation from all angles. He also has a blog which he started years ago which attracted some people. Among all the posts he wrote, what were mostly popular were those related to combination of office-politics, interviewing, and the workings of the actual organizations itself. Being involved in all those things gave him the idea to write the book.

Erik's Perspective on Large Organizations

Large enterprise organizations such as banks and financial companies have difficulty in hiring talented software developers. Their extensive hierarchy structures create downward pressure on software developer wages. The layers of management these organizations have make it hard to allocate more budget to pay developers. Although they want to pay more, but they can't. To resolve this problem, they try to bring in contractors or outsource the labor to application development firms. There are no pay bands for that since doing such does not upset anyone in the organizational structure.To the learn more about The Future of Work in Web Development download and listen to the entire episode. Erik would love to hear from you. Follow him on Twitter @daedtech, and he’ll be happy to answer your tweets or DMs.If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of The Future of Work in Web Development with Erik Dietrich:What is Development Hegemony about? (1:40) What drove Erik write about it? (3:22) Erik's perspective on large enterprise organizations? (5:00) Corporation and outsourcing in a bubble? (7:40) Seeing political trickle down where outsourcing is taken place? (19:10) Industrial workflow process vs knowledge work? (22:20) For whom Developer Hegemony is?(47:42) Definition of hegemony? (49:45) The idea of developers coming into dominance? (50:50)


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