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Scope Wars and Being New

On today’s episode, Charles Max Wood, Jason Swett, Brian Hogan, and David Kimura discuss S cope Wars and Being New with Malinna Leach**.** Malinna is a Junior Full-Stack Web Developer who just graduated from Makers Academy. Tune in and learn more about Scope Wars and what inspired her to write the blog post.

How Scope Wars Was Written 

Malinna's article on Scope Wars was written with beginners in mind. It was drawn from the idea of wanting to make things easier for her and her classmates during the course of learning Ruby. They used class instance variables and occasionally global variables. However, they realized that global variables aren't supposed to be used in dealing with the real thing. Everyone in the class got confused when they were introduced with class variables and instance variable because both are written in the same way. To break the bafflement, Malinna wrote a step-by-step procedure in how things are done.

Understanding Instance Variable

Instance variable is basically a piece of information that will be aligned with any instance of a particular clause that is created. It belongs to an object since it is an instance of a class. If you have an Ewok clause, every Ewok created will have its own name instance variable that is carried around with it. There is no problem when you want to access the instance variables within the clause. To access them outside the clause is done by creating a function or actual reader method that can give information out. Furthermore, they belong to the class itself and is not shared with sub-class.

Encouragement to Beginners

It is very helpful for those who are still learning to code to share their journey through blog writing. Not only will this aid web developers who are seeking for answers, this will also make beginners become equipped in their chosen career and be more likely employed in a company.  Having blog posts can be one's edge among his co-applicants.To the learn more about _Scope Wars and Being New _download and listen to the entire episode. If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of Scope Wars and Being New:How Scope Wars was Written? (4:17) What are instance variables? (9:58) How can writing blog posts help beginners? (16:13) What made Malinna want to learn Ruby? (17:39) Two benefits of blogging in job searching? (21:38) The greatest challenge in Malinna's journey to get her first development job? (33:10)


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