RR 299 Software Intellectual Property and Forensics with Bob Zeidman


    Software Intellectual Property and Forensics with Bob Zeidman

    On today’s episode, Charles Max Wood, David Kimura, Jason Swett, and Brian Hogan discuss Software Intellectual Property and Forensics with Bob Zeidman. Bob is the President of Zeidman Consulting, a company dedicated in assisting clients and lawyers during litigation. He is an expert on patents, trade secrets, and copyrights of hardware and software. Tune in and be informed about the legal issues in programming!

    Software Intellectual Property

    Software intellectual property revolves around copyrights, trade secrets, and patents. Copyrights protect the actual code from being copied. When someone from one company takes a code to another company, he is committing copyright infringement.

    This concerns two aspects: substantial and creative. The substantial part deals with a fixed component or code in a program. Meanwhile, the creative aspect deals with the way that code was executed.

    Awareness is Key

    In his years of experience, Bob felt that only few programmers understand the legal issues. A number are confused with the aspects concerned.

    “There were 99 ways you could have done that didn't copy, so you must have a reason for copying it and that's wrong.” -Bob Zeidman

    There was one case about copying a standard routine. Bob worked for the plaintiff. The defendant had 2,999 other ways to implement the code, but he chose that specific one because he knew it worked.

    Consulting Lawyers

    When working for a client, it's common to doubt whether you can reuse a component or not. You can provide a license but keep the copyright.

    Lawyers exist to protect their clients. A good businessman is someone who consults his lawyer about the situation and the best possible way to do it. Enable your lawyer to see the situation from a business standpoint, and help him help you.

    To hear about Software Intellectual Property and Forensics with Bob Zeidman download and listen to the entire episode. Feel free to contact Bob at bob@zeidmanconsulting.com. It's his pleasure to help. 

    If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of Software Intellectual Property and Forensics with Bob Zeidman:

    Software intellectual property? (2:40)

    Software patents? (10:20)

    Risks involved? (15:29)

    Buying patents? (35:05)

    API copyrights? (46:05)

    Bob's piece of advice? (50:53)


    David: ZURB's foundation for email, Presto heat dish

    Jason: The Software IP Detective's Handbook by Bob Zeidman, Million Dollar Speaking book

    Brian: Flat, HA-Bridge

    Charles: plug 4 port USB, MicroConf, NG Cruise, Podcast Movement at Anaheim

    Bob: Sully movie, La La Land movie, Hidden Figures movie