How to Handle WTF's

Today's Ruby Rogues podcast features How to Handle WTF's. David, Brian, Jerome and Charles discuss front end frameworks. Tune in to learn more about when to use rails, and other frameworks!

How do you choose your Framework?

How do you want the app to behave, would be a good question to ask before you choose your framework. When you're mocking something up, it's paramount to think of the end product.

Who are you doing choosing your Framework for? Are you using it for you, for your peers, for your business? Tune in to hear what our panelists think!

Hey, this is cool. I want to share it.

A great way to communicate with folks in the community, is to not force newer technology on each other, but share it. Encouraging stretching of skills is great, but trying to force yourself or someone else to use a Framework may not be the way to go. The panelists discuss their experiences in the community, and how different attitudes have affected members using different technologies.


Ask around! Need help? Reach out to devs in users groups, etc. Make the investment in your own skills, in your team skills, and don't be afraid to learn something new and ask questions.


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Brian: Elm

Charles: The Vanishing American AdultGiftology

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