RR 325 Date Night with Ruby with Ruberto Paulo

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RR 325 Date Night with Ruby with Ruberto Paulo

Rob started programming in high school where he swore he would never do it again. Five years later he decided to give it another go this time with Ruby, He has never looked back. He is currently working at the Cape Town, South Africa branch of Prodigy Finance; a FinTech company which is disrupting the financial space. Rob is also a Rubyfuza organiser, which is South Africa's national Ruby Conference. If programmers were superheroes, Rob would be Batman. He may not have any real "superpowers", but he does have several gems on his belt and a few years experience cleaning up Gotham; one bug at a time.   In this episode, Rob and the Rogues dive into the ideas around enjoying writing code, practicing code, and community. They start out discussing the South African and worldwide Ruby communities. They move into where developer are going to and coming from as they join and leave the Ruby community. The majority of the discussion centers around Rob's idea of "Date Nithg with Ruby" where a developer works on projects to increase skill and have fun. This episode covers:





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