RR 330: Functions vs Methods with Devon Estes

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Panel: Charles Max Wood Dave Kimura Eric Berry Special Guest:  Devon Estes The Ruby Rouges speak with Devon Estes, a return guess and Ruby developer who currently lives in Berlin, Germany. The topic of discussion is about Function vs. Methods, and talk about blocks and its functions. Also, some further digging into the behaviors of functions and designs. Devon explains that this topic will be of discussion at Ruby Dev Conf. Devon dives into the object orientation and the interactions between functions, editing or changing functions. The Ruby Rogues ask questions about, service functions, subsections of applications, application logic, and understanding the parts. In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Functions vs. Methods
  • Blocks
  • When do you want to go for a function?
  • Editing Functions.
  • Service Objects solving problems
  • Methods and Function or classes?
  • Placing functions in apps
  • 30,000 lines
  • Single responsibly principle
  • Different classes of users
  • Example or great uses of functions
  • Keeping thing for being hard to manage among users
  • Value Objects and phone numbers, and functional methods.
  • Object orientation and functional programming
  • Merging Elixer and Ruby?
  • and much much more. Links: 
  • DryRB
  • Education Super Highway
  • @devonestes
  • devonestes.com
  • devonestes.com/fir

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