RR 341: Standards vs Reality

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Panel: Charles Max Wood Dave Kimura David Richards In this episode, the Ruby Rogues panel discuss Standard vs Reality. The panel discusses how realistic it is to expect standards.  Charles, Dave and David cover topics on the appearance of code, the family of origin, conforming when working with a team, community projects, company repos, challenging old standards, and much more concerning how workflows are performed today. This is a great episode for developers to learn to ask if there is a better or time efficient way to do things. In particular, we dive pretty deep on: 

  • The reality of standards  - Does it work and make money?
  • The appearance of code - the family of origin
  • Working with a team and maintaining standards
  • Community standards
  • Company standards and repos
  • Who is the boss in project
  • Challenging old standard as technology updates
  • Overhead
  • Standards are a stand-in for I don’t have to think about it.
  • Reality Check?
  • Search Kick
  • Validation
  • Code growing
  • Lines of Code
  • Rubocop 
  • Building standard on your own projects
  • Writing code that works, but not beautiful
  • How quickly can you get it done
  • Maximizing the individual
  • Being open to criticism
  • And much much more! Picks: Dave
  • https://sentry.io/welcome/ David
  • Spy’s Guide to Strategy  Charles
  • UpWork.com
  • PipeDrive.com
  • The Way of Kings - books 
  • Getting a second opinion


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