Charles Max Wood

Dave Kimura

David Richards

Eric Berry

In this episode, the Ruby Rogues panel discuss Ruby 2.5 with Jesus Castello. Jesus has been a developer for several years, and has learned Ruby 6 years ago and is now teaching Ruby. Jesus is on Ruby Rogues to talk about Ruby 2.5 and performance improvements and performance documentation. Also, Jesus talks about the everything Ruby 2.5 and the next editions for the language.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on: 

  • Improvements and documentation
  • Changes to the library
  • RVM – Is Great
  • System Ruby
  • What feels most natural working with
  • Preventing SkyNet!
  • Language changes
  • Top-level constant lookup is removed.
  • Rescue/else/ensure are allowed inside do/end blocks.
  • Refinements take place in string interpolations.
  • New methods like Kernel#yield_self (Discuss possible uses)
    Removed “ubygems.rb” file from stdlib. (We can talk about why this file existed & why it has been removed.)
  • Elixir and writing code fast
  • Ruby performance (Why do so many people complain about it, is it really a limiting factor for them? Would people be happy if it got 3 times faster? Ruby 3×3 project)
  • And much much more





  • These is nothing new under the sun


  • White Board Tests




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