Charles Max Wood

Dave Kimura

David Richards

Brian Hogan

Eric Berry

In this episode, the Ruby Rogues panel discuss things they are playing with or working on now.  Much of the discussion covers technologies in Rails and Ruby, Rails. 5.2 beta, React, Sprinkles, redux, and more details with these technologies. Each of the Ruby Rogues members comment on their workflows and personal applications for apps and web applications. Also, how playing with things or technologies, helps build your skills and development.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on: 

  • What are the things you have been playing with? Rails, Ruby, React
  • React, react components
  • JS Sprinkles
  • Tubo Links
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Using Angular and React
  • Why do I thing that way I do?
  • Comments of DHH
  • Rails is the Swiss Army Knife
  • Stimulus 
  • Playing with things helps your development
  • Environments and Rails
  • Using Elm
  • File transfer
  • Pragmatic Studios  – free videos
  • Podcasting Applications
  • Understanding how people work.
  • Docker
  • Practical Docker
  • And much much more