Dave Kimura

Eric Berry

David Richards

Special Guest: Nathen Harvey and Nell Shamrell-Harrington

In this episode, the Ruby Rogues panelist speak with Nathen Harvey and Nell Shamrell-Harrington. Nell is the Senior Software Development Engineer at Chef, the CTO at Operation Code. Nathen is the VP Community at Chef. The topic of discussion is about Chef. Chef is a platform that enables teams to collaborate, share, and automate everything.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • What is Dev Ops? A cultural and professional movement, focused on how we build and operate high-velocity organizations, born from the experiences of its practitioners.
  • Chef Automate – the platform that enables teams to collaborate, share, and automate everything.
  • Cultural and Professional
  • Continuous Automation – Chef, InSpec, Habitat
  • 3 Main Focuses: Infrastructure Automation, Compliance Automation, Application Automation
  • Instanbul, AWS Cloud, Etc.
  • AWS Bean Stalk
  • Chef works best at “Massive Scale”
  • Where Chef shines!
  • Tests
  • More on compliance
  • InSpec
  • Things to do at the minimum?
  • Talks about issues with infrastructure issues at Knight Capital
  • Habitat – Application Automation, Build, deploy, run any application, anywhere.
  • If you hate Dev Ops?
  • Chef Community – Slack
  • The best way to learn about each of these –
  • and much much more.




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