RR 356: Geospatial Programming in Ruby with Daniel Azuma and Tee Parham



    • Charles Max Wood
    • Eric Berry
    • Special Guests: Daniel Azuma and Tee Parham

    In this episode of Ruby Rogues, the panel discusses geospatial programming with Daniel Azuma and Tee Parham. Daniel is a developer at Google and has been doing Ruby for about 14 years. Tee is co-founder and CTO of Neighborland, which is built on Ruby on Rails. Before that, he founded, managed and led technical projects for a small startup for about 8 years. They discuss what geospatial programming is, what RGeo Gem is, and other interesting aspects of geospatial programming.

    In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

    • Daniel and Tee intros
    • What is the landscape when it comes to geospatial programming?
    • What is geospatial programming?
    • Google Maps
    • Get ahold of a lot of data
    • Wide angle of data available
    • Large amount of application available
    • RGeo Gem
    • What does RGeo do?
    • CrimeReports.com
    • Draw shapes on a map to outline the cities or space
    • A lot goes into Geospatial programming
    • What drove you to create this project?
    • Why Ruby?
    • Created out of necessity
    • PostGIS
    • When did this project begin to gain traction?
    • Open sourced it so that other people could use it
    • When did Tee get involved?
    • Rails
    • And much, much more!