RR 398: Productivity with Mani Vaya

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  • Eric Berry
  • Charles Max Wood
  • Nate Hopkins
  • Dave Kimura
  • David Richards
  • Brian Hogan
  • Andrew Mason

Special Guest:  Mani Vaya

Episode Summary

In this episode Mani Vaya — founder of 2000books.com and former programmer — discusses productivity. He speaks on the following subtopics: the importance of planning out one’s day; identifying priorities and getting the top 3 done each day;  taking time to get things done without any distractions - the benefits of single tasking as opposed to multi-tasking; the attention space in one’s brain; the importance of meditation; focusing on the important as opposed to the urgent; the importance of measurement; and lastly project orientation vs outcome orientation and when to use each. Mani helps motivate and inspire productivity in all aspects of a coder’s life.





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