RR 404: Ruby Bindings & Extensions With FFI with Sean Handley

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  • Andrew Mason
  • Eric Berry
  • Dave Kimura Joined by Special Guest: Sean Handley


Sean Handley explains in detail ruby bindings and FFI and why they might be useful. The panel discusses the advantages of using a ruby binding, such as speed and opening up access to other projects. Sean Handley and Dave Kimura give advice on organizing code, to make it easier to use the FFI library. Sean Handley talks about his experience using FFI and native extension. The discussion switches gears and talks about Sean Handley’s blog post about hexagons and 3D space. The panel discusses how this math is used in services like Uber. Sean Handley brings up that hexagons are seen in nature and shares the beehive example. The discussion ends with Sean Handley answering a few more questions about FFI and Fiddle.



Andrew Mason


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