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RR 306 TinyTDS, Databases, and SQL Server with Ken Collins

TinyTDS, Databases, and SQL Server with Ken Collins

On today's episode, Charles, David, Jason, and Brian discuss TinyTDS, Databases, and SQL Server with Ken Collins. Ken has been in the industry for more than eight years. He is particularly known for the SQL Server Adapter for Active Records and TinyTDS. He currently works for CustomInk, and runs the Ruby user group in Hampton. Tune in!

A Challenge to Overcome

There was an episode on SQL Server with Carlos Chacon. But, some may still be unsure where to start coding. In reply to this, Ken suggests to look back and see how the present situation is any different.

Working for the SQL server is pretty challenging. They say you're just lucky if it worked.

The Beginning of TinyTDS

SQL servers can be connected with ODBC, which means open database connectivity. There weren't a lot of resources about ODBC. It wasn't available online even when Rails 2.1 was already out.

As things progressed, developers wanted to make things more convenient. They wanted to talk right to the database and not have to go through a complicated process. That inspired the creation of TinyTDS.

The Need to Improve

When Ken first got into programming, all the data he dealt with were in SQL server. Their target market was the heavy truck industry. He enjoyed his job, but things became challenging and motivated him to do something to improve.

Download and listen to TinyTDS, Databases, and SQL Server with Ken Collins. Connect with Ken on Twitter @metaskills and GitHub. Don't forget to leave a rating and review if you enjoyed the show. We love hearing from you!


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