Adventures in Angular

Hosted ByCharles Max Wood, Shai Reznik

Adventures in Angular is a weekly excursion into the world of Angular and front-end development. Our expert panel guides you through the ins and outs of writing Angular applications and how to build a career as a top Angular developer.

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037 AiA Animations with Matias Niemelä

Thank you RailsClips Kickstarter Backers!   02:05 – Matias Niemelä Introduction...


036 AiA Protractor with Julie Ralph

01:20 – Julie Ralph Introduction Twitter GitHub Google (Seattle Office) Angular...


035 AiA The Current State of Angular with Brad Green, Igor Minar, and Miško Hevery

01:08 – Dropping the “JS” 02:15 – Announcements from ng-conf Blog...


033 AiA Elementor with Andres Dominguez

Check out RailsClips on Kickstarter!!   00:58 – Andres Dominguez Introduction...


032 AiA Angular UI Router with Craig McKeachie

Check out RailsClips on Kickstarter!! 01:41 – Craig McKeachie Introduction Twitter...


031 AiA Advanced Directives

01:32 – Redefining Directives Ben Nadel: Don't Blindly Isolate All The...


030 AiA Angular Interns with Rodric Haddad and Anting Shen

The crew talks to Angular interns Rodric Haddad and Anting Shen.


029 AiA Angular At Work with Ben Nadel

The crew talks to InVision's Ben Nadel.