Adventures in Angular

Hosted ByCharles Max Wood, Shai Reznik

Adventures in Angular is a weekly excursion into the world of Angular and front-end development. Our expert panel guides you through the ins and outs of writing Angular applications and how to build a career as a top Angular developer.

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AiA 289: Put A Form Around It with Sani Yusuf

In this episode of Adventures in Angular, Sani Yusuf stops by for an adventure and chats with Alyssa, Brooks & Chris about building component libraries in Nx and how he feels forms are one of Angular’s most powerful and perhaps underrated features.

AiA 287: Profiling Angular Apps with Gil Fink

The illustrious and well-regarded Gil Fink joins the Adventures in Angular panel to talk about profiling your Angular apps. Profiling consists of finding bottlenecks, and memory leaks among other problems within your application. Most of the time, the problems are hard to see from the development side. Usually, they appear when your user uses a devise that is slow or a connection that is faulty. Gil explains how to find and fix them.

AiA 286: Are There Benefits from Working From Home? with Will Gant

In this episode of Adventures in Angular, Will Gant, author of Remote Work talks about working from home and working outside of the client’s office. He and Brooks share their experience with working through the challenges, benefits, and methods of working remotely.

AiA 285: New Features in Angular 9 with Subrat Kumar Mishra

Subrat Kumar Mishra is a full stack developer who has worked with Angular and Java. He’s the host of the Fun of Heuristic YouTube channel. He talks about OOP principles, Node.js, lazy loading components, and why he chose Angular.