Adventures in DevOps

Hosted ByCharles Max Wood, Jeffrey Groman

Our expert DevOps engineers on an adventure through the people, processes, and technologies that make up the DevOps movement. Allow us to be your guides into the next level of DevOps learning.

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DevOps 047: Multi-Cloud Kubernetes: Challenges and Solutions with Joe Stevens

While you may not need to seamlessly manage your Kubernetes containers across multiple cloud providers, there are a lot of lessons to be learned from understanding the challenges of...

DevOps 046: Why DevOps Fails with Anupam Kulkarni & Aniruddha Bhagwat

DevOps isn’t failing organizations, organizations are failing DevOps. Special guests Anupam Kulkarni (CEO) & Aniruddha Bhagwat (Marketing Director) from iauro systems ( join host Tyler Bird to highlight where organizations are failing DevOps and discuss the process that works for them. P.S. it can work for you too.

DevOps 045: Measurement, Metrics, and Monitoring

Developer Operations is a data driven endeavor, but how do you avoid drowning in noise? In this episode of Adventures in DevOps, the panelists discuss the metrics that matter, how we approach separating information from noise, and when a simple number fails to tell the whole story.

DevOps 044: Organizing for DevOps

In this episode of Adventures in DevOps, the panelists discuss how companies can organize for greatest DevOps success. They dive into team structures and patterns, how an organization can embrace the principles of DevOps rather than just it’s practices, and where project management lives in today’s agile world.

DevOps 043: Testing in Production with Talia Nassi

In this episode of Adventures in DevOps, we discuss testing in production of Split Software – when it is necessary, why it is necessary, and how to do it safely.

DevOps 042: Risk Posture Drift and Immutable Security with Sachin Aggarwal

In this episode of Adventures in DevOps, Sachin Aggarwal of Accurics walks us through his latest startup which is focused on helping to secure Infrastructure as Code (IaC) by identifying risk and policy violations, and fixing them on the fly.

DevOps 041: Modern Release Management with Henry Jewkes

React Native Remote Conf July 28th to 31th Henry Jewkes of takes panelists of Adventures in DevOps through phased and feature flagged releases, measuring releases, the anatomy of...

DevOps 040: Liquid Software – what is it, and why we need it with Baruch Sadogursky

React Native Remote Conf July 28th to 31th Baruch Sadogursky of JFrog takes panelists of Adventure in DevOps through the concepts of continuous updates or liquid software and highlights...

DevOps 039: Controlling the Digital Landscape with Tobias Kunze

In this episode of Adventure in DevOps, the panelists is joined by special guest Tobias Kunze, founder of OpenShift. They discuss Glasnostic which helps you see the global environment...