Adventures in Machine Learning

Hosted ByCharles Max Wood

Seasoned pro or complete beginner, everyone can join our weekly Adventures in Machine Learning podcast. We're covering all the breakthroughs, influencers, and resources of Machine Learning with our venturesome AI panel and guests. We discuss advanced concepts in plain English. This is the AI podcast you've been looking for.

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ML 003: Your GPU Brain with Robert Plummer

Machine learning is a complex subject that requires knowledge in many various subjects such as linear algebra, probability, algorithms, calculus, etc. But what if you could simplify machine learning...

ML 002: DeOldify Your Life with Jason Antic

GANS are one of the revolutionary breakthroughs in machine/deep learning as they are able to create authentic facial images. One of the latest breakthroughs has been with reconstructing actual...

ML 001: The Adventures in Machine Learning First Steps

In this first episode of Adventures in Machine Learning the panel talks about what machine learning is and what the podcast is about. Machine learning is rapidly becoming the...