Adventures in .NET

Hosted ByCaleb Wells, Joel Schaubert, Shawn Clabough, Wai Ho Liu

Every week a panel of experts in .NET and related technologies sit down with developers from the community to talk about all things .NET related.

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.NET 033: Working Remotely in the COVID 19 Pandemic

The panelists of Adventures in . NET talk about working remotely during Covid 19 pandemic. They address issues such as home with kids, meeting remotely with co-workers and much more.

.NET 032: Containers with Michael Jolley

Michael Jolley joins us to talk all things containers, live coding and being bald! Michael is a Developer Advocate for Vonage with 20+ and does live coding multiple days a week on twitch as baldbeardedbuilder.

.NET 031: gRPC, Microservices, and Teaching via Pluralsight with Shawn Wildermuth

If you have ever used Pluralsight you’ll know our guest, Shawn Wildermuth. A Microsoft MVP, speaker and author, Shawn joins the Adventures in .NET panelists to discuss gRPC and microservices. He speaks extensively about teaching and learning programming technologies.

.NET 030: CodeRushed with Mark Miller Pt2

In this episode of Adventures in .NET, Mark Miller takes us on an exciting adventure of the science of UI, live coding and productivity tools. Mark Miller is CodeRushed.