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The Clean Coders podcast is an exploration of what makes great code and great coders. It's a partnership between Clean Coders and and includes interviews with authors of courses on

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CC 016: Embedded Systems and IoT with James Grenning

James Grenning is an expert in embedded systems. He’s been working in software for over 40 years. His series on Clean Coders is focused on IoT. James walks Chuck and the audience through the growth of embedded systems and its evolution into IoT. He also walks through the challenges and techniques involved in building code that runs on specific devices.

CC 015: Getting Started with Go with Michael Whatcott

Michael Whatcott is a Go developer at Smarty Streets and co-hosts the Go with Intensity series at Clean Coders. Michael walks Chuck and the audience through the ins and outs of getting started with the Go programming language, how to think about writing programs with the language. Michael and Chuck also talk about the Go community and ecosystem.

CC 014: The Programmer’s Oath – Part 2 – with Robert C. “Uncle Bob” Martin

Robert C. “Uncle Bob” Martin and Charles Max Wood dive into the intricacies of the last 5 points of the Programmer’s Oath. They discuss how programmers have the responsibility to continue to improve their programs, their teams, their teams’ practices, and continue to learn.

CC 013: Software Modernization Programs with Sandro Mancuso

Sandro Mancuso runs a company that updates projects to use modern tools, techniques, and libraries. Since many companies have systems that have evolved through various programmers, techniques, and frameworks. Sometimes they continue to be used by the company, but lack support, don’t perform as needed, or are hard to add features to. He walks Chuck through the process he uses to upgrade older applications.