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Weekly discussion by freelancers and professionals about running a business, finding clients, marketing, and lifestyle related to being a freelancer.

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TFS 380: The Power of Focus From Ideation to Creation with Alex Sanfilippo

In this episode of The Freelancers Show, Alex Sanfilippo, Joel and Petra discuss how to focus ideas and actions in order to come up with products and services that...

TFS 379: The Confused Freelancer – How To Get Started In Freelancing with Daniel Rosehill

In this episode of The Freelancers Show, we talk with Daniel Rosehill about navigating the choices of tools a new freelancer faces. From billing to project management to client...

TFS 378: From Startups to Freelancing with Jay Clouse

In this episode of The Freelancers’ Show, we talk with Jay Clouse about some of the adventures he’s had on his path to freelancing. In college Jay had the...

TFS 377: Using Email Newsletters To Stay In Touch With Prospects with Michael Katz

Michael Katz walks the panelists through his strategies for staying in touch with prospects through the use of email newsletters. Storytelling is key here, and so Michael suggests ways to weave stories through your correspondence in order to make your content more personable and entertaining.

TFS 376: The Danger of One with Jason Montoya

In this episode of The Freelancers’ Show, the panelists and guest, Jason Montoya discuss the problems with having just one of anything, and other factors that lead to fragility for your business. We discuss how the current COVID-19 pandemic has exposed those weaknesses for some, and how we’ve dealt with them.

TFS 375: How to Build a Company from Scratch with Marc Summe

Guest, Marc Summe shares the ins and outs of building a company from the ground up, especially as it relates to SAS products. As developers, we are not always trained on how to do startups – so check out this very informative episode of The Freelancers Show.

TFS 374: Overcoming the Corona Slump with Jim Huffman

Jim Huffman, Petra Manos, and Joel Schaubert discuss how they’ve handled downturns in business due to Coronavirus and how they’ve been able to turn them around. Jim’s company focuses on conversion rate optimization. Jim’s company was growing and hiring until Coronavirus hit in March. Petra discusses her similar experience with clients cutting costs. They discuss how they did the work to turn things around.

TFS 373: Remote Work with William Gant

React Native Remote Conf Will Gant, author of Remote Work joins the panel to talk about working from home and working outside of the client’s office. He and the...

TFS 372: Getting started with YouTube with John Sonmez

React Native Remote Conf July 28th to 31th How to get started in YouTube for an absolute beginner. John lays out a path from picking a topic, to editing,...