Hosted ByAlex Bush, Charles Max Wood

The show where iOS and Swift developers join forces to grow developer careers, discuss the iOS development tools, practices, and technologies, and participate in the iOS development community.

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iPS 300: How to Build a Million Dollar App with Steve Young

Steve Young is an ASO and App Promotion expert. He walks Chuck and Soojin through the process of finding applications that will make you millions of dollars by competing in spaces where others are making millions of dollars. He also shows the panelists how to make your apps appear higher in the app store.

iPS 299: An Experience of iOS Bootcamp with Alex Lundquist

Guest, Alex Lundquist joins this episode of the iPhreaks Show to walk us through his experience with iOS bootcamp. He went into how he was laid off from his job and the rigorous pursuit of landing another job in his field of IT. This episode is truly inspirational especially in a time when so many developers, IT techs etc are at a crossroads in their career.

iPS 298: Splitting Your Monolith App Into Modules with Luis Ascorbe

Soojin and Alex are joined by Luis Ascorbe who talks about his experience splitting a large monolith codebase into modules. They talk about general approach and specific tactics.

iPS 297: Keyboard Controls with Douglas Hill

Douglas Hill and Charles Max Wood discuss keyboard control with UIKit apps. Mac Catalyst came out and made keyboard relevant on Mac where UIKit was mostly focused on iOS before. The discussion goes into the ins and outs of Mac Catalyst, the new iPad with its keyboard, and then how to think about keyboard inputs if you’re used to working on touch screen devices.