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Hosted ByPaige Neidringhaus, TJ VanToll

Every week we get together to talk all things React, front-end, and developer careers. Whether you're working on a React web app, React Native app, or diving into development for the first time, we'll help you level up and achieve your React related goals.

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RRU 116: Building a Meet.up Competitor and Teaching React with Chris Achard

When announced last year that it wanted to charge users $2 for using the platform, a number of users expressed their strong opposition to the proposal. Developer Chris...

RRU 115: Frontend Application Bundles with Glen Maddern

In this episode of React Round Up, Glen Maddern joins us to talk about a new tool he’s been working on called Frontend Application Bundles, or FABs. We chat...

RRU 114: Decentralized React: ThreadsDB, IPFS, Filecoin with Carson Farmer

In this episode of React Round Up, Carson Farmer joins us to talk about the decentralized web. We discuss what the decentralized web actually is, and some interesting new way the web could work.

RRU 113: Typed Functional Programming in TypeScript with fp-ts with Robin Pokorny

Functional programming can be tricky to start with, especially in TypeScript aps. In today’s show, Robin Pokorny shares tips on how to start with functional programming, and how you can integrate functional programming into the apps you’re building today. He also shares tips on libraries to help make functional programming with TypeScript easier, including fp-ts.

RRU 112: From Pulling Teeth to Pull Requests with Meghna Srivastava

Dr. Meghna Srivastava joins React Round Up to share how she transitioned from a dentist in her native country of India to a software developer today in Berlin, Germany. Although she practiced for a few years after graduating dental school, Meghna wasn’t completely satisfied with her career choice, and things at work began to feel stale to her. At the same time, she saw the flexibility her partner enjoyed as a backend developer, and began dabbling in Python to see if coding might be something she was interested in pursuing as well. Fast forward a year, and Meghna found herself in Germany due to her partner’s job, and unemployed, giving her the time she needed to really focus on learning to code, and she discovered she enjoyed JavaScript’s browser-focused interactions more than backend languages. Then she progressed on to the React framework as she began to build up her portfolio.
The panel discusses being a self taught developer versus attending bootcamps or traditional 4-year computer science university programs, and the obstacles to getting that first developer job. Meghna shares how she applied for a developer job she wasn’t quite ready for, but managed to negotiate herself an internship during her interview, which she then turned into a full-time job offer 3 months later! This is a must-listen for anyone thinking about breaking into programming and interested in getting started learning on their own.

RRU 111: React Tools, Codebase Management, and More with Brice Ayres

React Native Remote Conf July 28th to 31th Brice Ayres is a Youtube video author talking about programming and React. This is a wide ranging conversation across the spectrum...

RRU 110: Game Development in React & Typescript with Maksim Ivanov

Front end developer Maksim Ivanov talks about working for Mojang, the company behind the ridiculously popular game Minecraft. As it turns out, Maksim uses React to build different pieces...

RRU 109: SVGS in React with Elizabet Oliviera

If you’ve tried using SVGs in your application, chances are you’ve found it tricky or difficult. In today’s show, Elizabet Oliviera shares some tips on how you can begin...

RRU 108: Web Workers & Multi-threaded JavaScript with Majid Hajian

JavaScript Remote Conf 2020 May 13th to 15th – register now! Despite JavaScript being a single-threaded language, you can now leverage multi-threaded computing thanks to modern browser features such...