Ruby Rogues

Hosted ByCharles Max Wood, Dave Kimura, John Epperson, Luke Stutters

Ruby Rogues is a weekly call to level up your Ruby programming skills. Whether you use Ruby on Rails or Ruby in some other capacity, the Rogues dive into the things you need to know to be a Rubyist at the top of your game.

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RR 471: Sorbet with Ufuk Kayserilioglu

In this episode of Ruby Rogues, we talk with Ufuk about how Shopify made the transition to using Sorbet and about the benefits they felt they received from implementing...

RR 470: Performance Improvement of Ruby 3.0 JIT with Takashi Kokubun

In this episode of Ruby Rogues, the panelists discuss the progress, problems, and strategies for implementing JIT in Ruby for the Ruby 3×3 goal all while being humbled a...

RR 469: Refactoring with James Dabbs

In this episode of Ruby Rogues, we talk to James Dabbs as we explore a number of subjects and topics around refactoring Sponsor CacheFly Panel Dave Kimura John Epperson...

RR 468: Diversity Matters: Diversifying Your Applicant Pool with Tricia Ball

Tricia Ball talks to the Rogues about diversity in tech. We discuss the declining numbers of women in tech (and the rest of STEM) since the 1980s, reasons why...

RR 467: Rails at Super Scale with Kyle d’Oliveira

Kyle d’Oliveira (Cleo) shares his survival tips for dealing with tens of thousands of commits, massive migrations and the very limits of databases. We discuss the lessons learned from Rails megaprojects and how to use these tips in your own projects to reduce technical debt and tools to keep your monolith majestic when the code won’t stop coming.

RR 466: Beating Impostor Syndrome with Dylan Andrews

In this episode of Ruby Rogues guest, Dylan Andrews (GoNoodle) shares his journey from pro-drummer to junior developer to successful senior software engineer. Dylan and the rogues talk about on-boarding junior developers and building up confidence.

RR 465: WebAuthn in Ruby with Gonzalo Rodriguez and Braulio Martinez

As the world becomes more security conscious, we need to think about the ways we allow people to authenticate to our applications. WebAuthn is a standard that allows you to accept biometric, device based, and other types of authentication as a second or first factor. Gonzalo and Braulio have published a gem that allows you to add webauthn to your Ruby applications and have joined the Rogues to talk through the implications of using it in your applications.

RR 464: PWAs on Rails with John Beatty

John Beatty joins the Rogues to talk about building Progressive Web Applications on Ruby on Rails. He walks the Rogues through the ins and outs of building a PWA and what it’s like adding the features you need to get a PWA set up on Rails. It turns out to be surprisingly straightforward and yet has a ton of potential.

RR 463: Can We Fix What We Can’t See? with James Thompson

In this episode of Ruby Rogues, James Thompson, a Software Architect at Mavenlink, delves into how to address errors in a service-based system and how to prioritize what errors to fix. He goes into how to recognize the errors when they are creeping in and so much more.