Ruby Rogues

Hosted ByCharles Max Wood, Dave Kimura, John Epperson, Luke Stutters

Ruby Rogues is a weekly call to level up your Ruby programming skills. Whether you use Ruby on Rails or Ruby in some other capacity, the Rogues dive into the things you need to know to be a Rubyist at the top of your game.

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007 RR Debugging in Ruby

The Rogues discuss debugging in Ruby.


006 RR Conferences and User Groups

This week the rogues discuss the importance of conferences and user...


005 RR RubyGems, Open Source, and Community

This week we really dug into the issues surrounding RubyGems and...


004 RR Databases, SQL, & NoSQL

The Rogues discuss databases, SQL, & NoSQL.


003 RR Templating Languages for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

The Rogues talk about templating languages for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


002 RR Virtual Machines, Concurrency, and the Future of Ruby

The Rogues talk about virtual machines, concurrency, and the future of...


001 RR Testing Practices and Tools

The Rogues talk about Ruby testing practices and tools.