The Dev Rev

Hosted ByCharles Max Wood

The Dev Rev is built around the idea that you can build the developer career you want to build the life you want. The problem is the broken idea that you have to fit into a box defined by your company or your peers. Stage your own Developer Revolution to free yourself from limiting beliefs and break into the career and life you want.

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CES 2019: LapScreen

Charles is at CES 2019 and talks to Lapscreen about their portable monitors.

CES 2019: NanoLeaf Canvas

Charles is at CES 2019 and taking to NanoLeaf about their Canvas lights and what we can do with them as software developers.

CES 2019: TimeFlip

Charles is at CES 2019 and talking to TimeFlip about time tracking with their device.

CES 2019: Brydge

Charles is at CES 2019 and is talking to the folks at Brydge.

How Do You Get Anything Done with 5 Kids?

Marcus asks Charles how he gets so much done working from how with 5 kids. Charles lays down the law!

Eliminate Boilerplate

Charles talks about automation and eliminating the boilerplate work.

How to Do Cold Outreach (For Job Searches and Sales)

Charles talks about his sales process for sponsorships and how it translates to finding a job.


Tim send in an email that explains how he helps teachers, students, and parents where he teaches. Charles loves it! Doing what you want…

How do I Get Better at Applying What I Know?

Charles answers Nathan's question about how to apply what he's learning. Short answer: Practice.