The Dev Rev

Hosted ByCharles Max Wood

The Dev Rev is built around the idea that you can build the developer career you want to build the life you want. The problem is the broken idea that you have to fit into a box defined by your company or your peers. Stage your own Developer Revolution to free yourself from limiting beliefs and break into the career and life you want.

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How to Find a Good Self-Learning Website

Charles answers Dave's other question about how to find a great self-learning website to help him learn data-science.

How to Transition from Front-End to Back-End

Charles answers a question he got on Twitter about how to change career paths from Front-End to Back-End

I Want a Remote Job

Chuck explains what it takes to get a Remote Job.

How do I go Freelance?

Dave asks (and a follow up on Carlos' email from yesterday) where we dive into how to go freelance.

Should I Quit My Job? – Answering an Email

Charles answers an email sent in by a podcast listeners asking if he should quit is job and potentially go freelance.

Should I Leave My Job?

One question Charles get's frequently is "Should I quit my job?" He explains the tradeoffs of quitting a job and the power you have…

Automate the Pain Away

Charles talk about when you should automate things you don't like doing and the benefits of having a process for doing things.

Personal Ownership

In this episode, Charles discusses taking ownership of your situation, regardless of whether it's fair or right.