Views on Vue

Hosted ByLindsay Wardell, Raymond Camden, Steve Edwards

Every week our Vue experts discuss the things you need to know to stay current on and make massive contributions with Vue. They interview influencers, developers and contributors to the Vue ecosystem and bring you the best practices for building your applications.

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VoV 121: Reusable Components with Michael Thiessen

In this episode of Views on Vue, Lindsay talks with Michael Thiessen, who is working on a new course about Reusable Components. We dive into the six levels of...

VoV 120: Vue Formulate with Justin Schroeder

Lindsay talks with Justin Schroeder about Vue Formulate, a form library with some new ideas. We discuss how to build forms, the straightforward API for creating inputs, and how...

VoV 119: Climate Change and the Tech Community with Callum Macrae

In this episode of Views on Vue, Lindsay talks with Callum Macrae about the impact of the tech community on climate change. We discuss the impact of data centers...

VoV 118: Nuxtify Everything with Debbie O’Brien

In this episode of Views on Vue, Lindsay and Steve talk with Debbie O’Brien, Head of Learning at Nuxt. We discuss Nuxt becoming a company, the new component and...

VoV 117: Building Vue Storefront with Filip Rakowski

In this episode, Lindsay talks with Filip Rakowski, co-founder and CTO of Vue Storefront. They discuss how Filip got into programming, frontend development for eCommerce, and what led to the development of Vue Storefront. They also discuss what’s coming in Vue Storefront Next, and Filip’s experience with the Composition API. Filip also discusses launching open source projects early, and how he build a community around Vue Storefront.

VoV 116: Using Vue at Scale at L’Oreal with Tim Benniks

Building websites at an enterprise scale presents many challengers. In this episode the panel talks with Tim Benniks about how the global cosmetics brand L’Oreal uses VueJS in conjunction with Sitecor and other tools to develop websites for its many brands around the world. Tim also discusses his experience in building cross-cultural development teams, and the challenges presented by teams comprised of developers from multiple countries.

VoV 115: Vue, Vapper, Vite – Frameworks Built Using Vue

This week the Views of Vue panelists discuss the frameworks built using Vue. We start with the Vue CLI, then go into Gridsome and static site pros and cons, Nuxt and server side rendering, and Vuepress for simple setup and development. We also discuss other frameworks like Quasar, Vapper, and the experimental Vite.

VoV 114: Pro Tips on Building Vue Applications

Lindsay, Austin, and Steve discuss some of their tips on how to build Vue applications. Our discussion ranges from auto registration of components, separating data by features, and error handling.

VoV 113: CSS and Components with Maya Shavin

In this episode of Views on Vue, we talk with Maya Shavin, a Senior Frontend Developer at Cloudinary. We talk about CSS component libraries, CSS-in-JS with Vue, and pros and cons with using libraries like Tailwind CSS. We also discuss Storefront UI, a component library focused on eConmerce.