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Get a Coder Job – Video Course


This is an online video course that helps developers find work they love.

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Many newer developers or developers outside of major technology hubs have trouble finding a job that lines up with what they want. In fact, when I talk to podcast listeners, the most common question I get is “Why can't I find a job?”

Many of them post their resumes to job boards or other job listings and never hear back regarding interviews. Others are able to get interviews, but never get the offer. And, many of them don’t even know where to start.

If you’re not getting the results you want, you have a problem with your job search process. This book outlines a job search process that will work not only to get you a job, but get you a job that is the kind of job you really want and will love to go to every day.

This book also will help you understand what companies are looking for and how to narrow down the credentials you need to get hired. Plus, it will give you 3 concrete steps to get started that will jumpstart your job search.

The author—Charles Max Wood—has been a web developer since 2005. He’s used these techniques to find both full time jobs and remote freelancing clients as a software developer. He’s also coached dozens of developers into finding jobs they love.

Charles has also worked with many employers to help them find developers that match their needs and has hired a number of developers for projects at Devchat.tv and as a team lead at various companies.

Many students who have been looking for jobs for 6 or more months have ended up starting the interview process with companies that hired them within a few weeks. They’ve built portfolios that demonstrate what they’re capable of and an ongoing commitment to learning. They’ve also identified companies that provide what they’re looking for in a job and get jobs they’re happy working at.

David knew that his current job was going to end within a year. He was able to identify the kinds of companies he wanted to work at and began making videos discussing Project Management techniques to prepare himself for a successful job search.

Ken was able to update his interview skills and began focusing his attention on companies he could work for remotely from a remote area with almost no strong developer community.

This process will begin by helping you identify companies that provide the type of job you want. It will show you how to conduct a targeted job search aimed at getting you a job at one of these companies within 2 weeks to 2 months. It will show you how to build a portfolio that attracts employers and gets you noticed.

Don’t be the typical bootcamp graduate that spends 6 months applying to every job that comes open only to become frustrated because no one will get back to you. We can shorten this process by helping you level up, build a portfolio, and find companies to apply to that line up with what you want.