SOS 001: Sustaining Open Source Projects

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  • Pia Mancini
  • Richard Littauer
  • Eric Berry
  • Jon Schlinkert

Episode Summary

This new addition to the podcast family is about software sustainability, open source projects funding and software maintenance. The panelists introduce themselves and their roles and backgrounds in software sustainability. The panelists also mention that 57% of all software built is open-source and the economic value of open source is over 360 billion dollars so it is crucial to keep developers who maintain open-source projects from burning out. That being said, open-source projects have difficulty accessing funding. The panelists talk about efforts that have been made to combat that such as Open Collective. They then talk about some of the other topics the panelists plan to cover are and invite the audience to recommend topics they would like to hear more about on open-source sustainability.



Jon Schlinkert:

Eric Berry:

Richard Littauer:

Pia Mancini:

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