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RR 470: Performance Improvement of Ruby 3.0 JIT with Takashi Kokubun

In this episode of Ruby Rogues, the panelists discuss the progress, problems, and strategies for implementing JIT in Ruby for the Ruby 3×3 goal all while being humbled a bit as Takashi improves our understanding around the subject. Sponsors Audible.com CacheFly Panel John Epperson Matt Smith Luke Stutters Guest Takashi Kokubun Links https://github.com/mame/optcarrot medium.com/@k0kubun/jit-development-progress-at-ruby-2-7 Koichi…

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AiA 290: Angular Performance with Christian Liebel

In this episode of Adventures in Angular, special guest, Christian Liebel engages the panel in an interesting discussion on Angular performance especially as it relates to runtime performance. Sponsor CacheFly Panel Alyssa Nicoll Brooks Forsyth Chris Ford Guest Christian Liebel Links https://christianliebel.com/ https://twitter.com/christianliebel Angular Performance: Your App at the Speed of Light – Christian Liebel…

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