078 TMTC Chris Mattmann – OODT/NASA



    Chris Mattmann is a Software Engineer at NASA's JPL. He's the VP of OODT in the Apache Software Foundation and an adjunct professor at USC.

    OODT is a framework for managing data from multiple sources and adding them to other data sources for different purposes (like a database and a search engine.) It manages hundreds of thousands of job in a day and terabytes or petabytes of data from various sources.

    Mentioned in this episode:

    • Apache OODT
    • Nutch
    • Hadoop
    • Apache Software Foundation
    • NASA
    • NASA JPL
    • ftp
    • sftp
    • Solr
    • Lucene
    • Hive
    • File Catalog vs Search Engine
    • Tika
    • Goodle
    • Project Management was the hard part
    • Assume that failure happens and recover quickly
    • Ganglia
    • Torque
    • PBS
    • struts
    • IDL
    • CHLA (Childrens Hospital of LA)
    • VPICU
    • OODT Contact page (info on mailing lists, etc.)