Acceptance Testing with Evan Light and Jorge Dias

[powerpress]couldaFiletTest::UnitThoughts on what make good acceptance tests:

  • Don’t write brittle tests

  • Communication between the coder and customer

  • Not being low level

  • Keep them at the same level of abstraction Thoughts on Cucumber:

  • Jorge likes Cucumber’s Given-When-Then

  • Cucumber’s plain english definitions are extra overhead when your customer isn’t going to read your

  • english definitions.

  • Evan likes Cucumber for:

    • Popping the why stack
    • Given When Then And
  • Evan doesn’t like:

    • It’s an external DSL
    • Boundary between the test language and the code
    • Has loose coupling between step definitions We need our acceptance tests to run fast too. How do you test your javascript?
  • Selenium tests on the critical parts

  • Ignore the javascript and test the ajax requests.

  • capybara-webkit parallel_tests gemHydrajasmine-fixtures

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