RC 3 - Finding a mentor

Download this episodeOne of the things that has helped me the most in learning to program well is having a good mentor. I didn't necessarily choose mine, but I've had some excellent mentors. Here's what made them great for me.

  1. They had been where I was at.
  2. They were at where I wanted to be. What they did that was so powerful.
  3. They explained topics and details when I needed to apply them.
  4. They didn't solve my problems for me.
  5. They encouraged me to explore the areas I needed to learn about.
  6. They provided structure for the environment I was learning in.
  7. They provided an example of where I wanted to be. Where do we find them?
  • Users' Groups
  • Work
  • Online Communities
  • IRC
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • We find their code
  • We contribute to their code
  • We use their code
  • Conferences

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