RC 5 - Interview with James Edward Gray II

Download this EpisodeDuring the interview with James, we talked about several things. You can find him on twitter at https://twitter.com/JEG2James ran the RubyQuiz for 3 years and wrote Best of Ruby Quiz Volume One (Pragmatic Programmers) and Textmate: Power Editing for the Mac (Pragmatic Programmers) .Mountain West RubyConfJames' talk at Mountain West RubyConf 2009 is available at ConFreaksScoutPomodoro TechniquePomodoro Technique Illustrated: Can You Focus - Really Focus - for 25 Minutes? (Pragmatic Life) (the book)Tokyo CabinetNoSQLPerl Quiz of the WeekCode KatasProject EulerRuby Talk ListFasterCSVMastering Regular Expressions (the book)Ruby 1.9Perl BeginnersPerl MonksLonestar Ruby ConferenceJames' BlogThings James said to look up:

  • Hash#fetch
  • Hash#Array
  • Regular Expressions Also, I just added the podcast to Podcast Alley. Here's a link to My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-0b125abf61f52ffc632391fdcb8adbb5} NOTE: All links to books are affiliate links for which I will be compensated.

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