RC 6 - Conferences

Download this episodeSubscribe in iTunesRemember to leave feedback by calling 801-753-8279 or emailing podcast@railscoach.com. Conferences are a great way to learn and meet people. The conferences I've attended:

  • Mountain West RubyConf
  • RubyConf
  • RailsConf Tips for getting the most out of conferences:
  • Put away your distractions.
  • Sit next to and meet people you don't know.
  • Take the opportunity to meet with the "greats" in your community.
  • Talk to people between sessions and find out what they're working on.
  • Find open source projects to contribute to.
  • Submit a proposal to speak.
  • Ask people what worked and what didn't work for them to avoid the same problems.
  • Take advantage of the conference energy to get things done.
  • Collaborate or program with other developers.
  • Talk to the speakers who cover a topic that interests you.
  • Go to the meetups or Birds of a Feather meetings.
  • Find community movements occuring outside the conference.
  • Review the basics.
  • Find a job or increase marketability. Conferences in the Ruby and Rails Community
  • RailsConf
  • RubyConf
  • MountainWest RubyConf
  • acts_as_conference
  • Lone Star Ruby Conf
  • Ruby Hoedown
  • Windy City Rails
  • GoGaRuCo
  • Aloha on Rails

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