Nginx with Igor Sysoev and Andrey Alexeev

[powerpress] Igor started developing in Nginx in 2002. He started building it because he needed something that would effectively proxy connections in an event driven manner. The other webservers at the time could only handle static content and didn’t scale well. Initially, Nginx was used to proxy Apache webserver. Igor was never really fond of fastcgi. It took him 1 to 1 and a half years to add it to Nginx after it’s public release. He explains his opinion on fastcgi. Igor also tells us the primary differences between Apache and Nginx and explains the tradeoffs between the two models. We also dug into what is coming up in the next releases of Nginx and how things will move ahead now that they have formed a company around Nginx. If you would like to donate to Nginx, go to can also get on the mailing lists for Nginx at, follow Nginx on twitter at @nginxorg

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