RC 13 - Interview with Chad Fowler - Part 1

This week I interviewed Chad Fowler. He and several others have helped organize Ruby conferences around the world, most notably RailsConf, RubyConf, and RubyConf India. He has also written The Passionate Programmer and Rails Recipes . Finally, he has contributed to open source projects like RubyGems and Facebooker.You can follow Chad at his website or on twitter. Chad is an organizer at Ruby Central which is a non-profit which provides support to the Ruby community. Among other things, they provide a Regional Conference Grant which local conferences like Mountain West RubyConf can take advantage of. He told me a bit about his inspiration for writing The Passionate Programmer and his experience working in India. The Passionate Programmer is about fulfillment in programming and work. It lays out a methodology for managing your career. We discuss the paths that a career can take and things that people should consider as they move through their career. One example he gives is from the book What I Talk About When I Talk About Running . He talks about what we do when we have to do it to succeed, versus what we do when "success" comes naturally. Overall, there was a lot of great information in the interview. I'd like to thank Chad for coming onto the show and for all of his hard work in the Ruby and Rails communities.Download this Episode

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