Capistrano: Deploying Ruby on Rails Applications to Multiple Servers

For a basic deployment recipe, check out [Basic Deployment with Capistrano]( episode demonstrates how to extend deployment to deploy to stage and production. Overall it’s rather simple. All it entails is creating a new task for each stage you want to deploy to with the settings you need changed. Here’s an example: task :stage do role :web, "" # Your HTTP server, Apache/etc role :app, "" # This may be the same as your `Web` server role :db, "", :primary =\> true # This is where Rails migrations will run set :deploy\_to, '/var/www/stage-teachmetocodeacademy/' set :user, 'deploy' end That will allow you to run `cap stage deploy` to deploy to your staging environment.  [Download]( 55.3 MB[Download (iPod & iPhone)]( 35.1 MB

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