CoffeeScript: The Cool Parts

CoffeeScript offers more than nice syntax for setting and managing data and functions. It also offers Classes, Inheritance, access to a ‘super' method, Ruby-style string interpolation, easy variable and function bindings, and chained comparisons.

Here's the code I showed in the video:
class Vehicle
constructor: (@name) ->

move: (miles) ->
console.log @name + " drove " + miles + " miles."

class VWBug extends Vehicle
move: ->
console.log "Cruisin'…"
super 100

class Truck extends Vehicle
move: ->
console.log "Haulin'…"
super 50

mater = new Truck "Mater"
herbie = new VWBug "Herbie"

a1c = "7.6"

healthy = 7.0 > a1c > 5.0

console.log "A1C within healthy range: #{a1c}"
Account = (customer, cart) ->
@customer = customer
@cart = cart

$(‘.shopping_cart').click (event) =>
@customer.purchase @cart
If you're new to CoffeeScript, make sure you check out the CoffeeScript Cookbook and CoffeeScript Basics.

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