VoV 010: “Vue Libraries, Open Source, Meetups” with Eduardo San Martin Morote



    • Divya Sasidharan
    • Chris Fritz

    Special Guests: Eduardo San Martin Morote

    In this episode of Views on Vue, the panelists discuss “Vue Libraries, Open Source, Meetups” with Eduardo San Martin Morote. Eduardo is a freelance developer, a core team member of Vue.js, and loves contributing to open source. They talk about his many different open source component libraries, such as Vue-Coerce-Props and Vue-promised. They also touch on the use of templates versus using render functions and the difference between libraries and apps.

    In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

    • Eduardo intro
    • What’s the story behind the username “posva”?
    • Distributing component libraries
    • Vue-mdl
    • What is a component library?
    • What does mdl stand for?
    • Libraries with buttons, modules, checkboxes, etc.
    • Vuetify
    • What other kind of community projects have you been working on?
    • Vue-Coerce-Props
    • What is coerce?
    • Vue-promised
    • Where is a situation where you would use Vue-promised?
    • How did you come about to want to create Vue-promised?
    • JavaScript
    • He doesn’t use a template, he just uses render functions
    • Jest
    • Building components to build other libraries of components
    • What are advantages to using templates over render functions?
    • When building applications, he always uses templates
    • What’s the difference between libraries and apps?
    • And much, much more!