• Charles Max Wood

Special Guests: Rachel MacFarlane and Matt Bierner

In this episode, the Views on Vue panelists discuss Visual Studio Code with Rachel MacFarlane and Matt Bierner, who are both developers on Visual Studio Code. They talk about what the workflow at Visual Studio Code looks like, what people can look forward to coming out soon,  and how people can follow along the VS Code improvements on GitHub and Twitter. They also touch on their favorite extensions, like the Docker extension and the Azure extension and their favorite VS Code features.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Rachel and Matt intro
  • Month to month workflow of Visual Studio Code
  • VS Code JavaScript, TypeScript, and MarkDown support
  • Working on GitHub and within the community
  • Check out new features incrementally with insiders
  • Community-driven work
  • What is coming out in Visual Studio Code?
  • GitHub helps to determine what they work on
  • Working on Grid View
  • Improved settings UI
  • Highlighting unused variables in your code
  • Improvements with JS Docs
  • Dart
  • Visual Studio Extension API
  • How do people follow along with the VS Code improvements?
  • Follow along on GitHub and Twitter
  • Download VS Code Insiders
  • Have a general road map of what the plan is for the year
  • Technical debt week
  • What do you wish people knew about VS Code?
  • Favorite extensions
  • Docker extension and Azure extension
  • And much, much more!








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