VoV 051: Developing Accessible Apps with Maria Lamardo


Episode Summary

In this episode of Views on Vue, the panelists chat about accessibility with Maria Lamardo, a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst currently working as a Corporate Systems Engineer at Nutanix. Maria is also the founder of Developers at RTP and is the Vue Vixens' Chapter Leader. She has extensive experience with people with learning disabilities.

For Maria, accessibility means making the web available to everyone regardless of their location and their disabilities. These disabilities could be permanent or temporary and can be auditory, visual and cognitive in nature. One of the biggest challenges in developing accessible apps is making the business case to management. Maria shares tips on how to approach new projects with accessibility in mind from the start.

Elements of Vue that help with accessibility like the vue-announcer plugin and Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) attributes are briefly discussed.

Beyond accessibility, Maria shares her journey of how she transitioned to become a web developer.



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