VoV 056: Vue, Components, News Platform with Damian Dulisz

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  • Charles Max Wood
  • Erik Hanchett
  • Chris Fritz Joined by Special Guest: Damian Dulisz


Damian Dulisz, a core team member of vuejs, introduces his various libraries and other work. The panel asks about Damian’s work on event global listener; Damian brags about his global events library and explains why he put it on event global listener. Sharing his experience managing libraries and components, Damian gives tips and shares what he wishes he had known while building components. The panel discusses features in components and finding a balance of flexibility and configurability. Damian explains what a renderless component is and how this will help with find balance. After warning against breaking components out to early, Damian explains when to break down a component and how you know that a component is good. The episode ends with a discussion of vuejs.org and the weekly vue news podcast.



Charles Max Wood


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