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  • Chris Fritz

Joined by special guest: Rolf Haug

Episode Summary

Special guest Rolf Haug is one of the founding members of Vue School, an online teaching platform for VueJS that teaches through video. Rolf talks about his inspiration for starting the company. He has lots of experience creating businesses and web development, a passion for lifelong learning, and a drive to pass his knowledge on to others. The Vue school has been going for about 2 years. It follows the example of open source by collecting outside ideas to improve their product.

Rolf talks about his history and interest in programming, and he and Chris discuss the importance of having passion in your field. Chris asks how passion is ignited in the Vue School and how do you explain something complex to students. Rolf follows the model “Explain it to me like I’m five” by explain technical topics without the technical terms. For example, instead of using “mutate”, you use the word “change”. Technical terms don’t always translate and sometimes people don’t even agree on what they mean. The Vue School focuses on using simple language so that it is accessible to more people, especially people in other countries.

They talk about the challenges of being surrounded by experts, the lack of perspective from only seeing the finished product, and how it’s easy to think that you’re stupid when you’re surrounded by people with a very particular skill.

Rolf’s term for people whom he looks up to and have achieved things that he likes as “machines”. He and Chris discuss fostering a growth mindset even around our ‘heroes’. They talk about how to foster an environment within the Vue school that keeps people feeling secure and unafraid to ask questions.




Rolf Haug:

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Chris Fritz:

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  • Oslo, Norway