• Charles Max Wood


Charles Max Wood shares his frustration with the current process in which companies are trying to hire senior developers. He goes over the major points these companies can improve how they hire and keep high-quality developers. First, he asks companies to consider what they mean by “senior developer”; what do they want their developers to do and what are the tangible outcomes they want to happen by hiring this developer? In doing this, Charles explains, it will help them design an interview that will reveal the most qualified developers for what they need. Charles uses examples from his experiences both as an employee and a boss showing the benefits of hiring this way.

The next point Charles discusses is the environment of the company, the onboarding process, meeting the needs of the developers, and hiring developers that fit well together in a team. He presses the importance of having an environment that makes developers want to stay and bring in friends. The final point he makes is not to rule out junior developers. Charles shares what to look for in new developers and the value they can bring to a team. He also emphasizes the importance of paying them their worth if companies want them to stick around.  



Charles Max Wood