• Natalia Telpuhina

  • Ben Hong

  • Chris Fritz

Joined by Special Guest: Piero Borrelli

Episode Summary

Today’s episode features special guest Piero Borrelli. Piero is not currently using Vue but has experience with multiple frameworks.Currently he is a full-stack NodeJS developer and uses a lot of Angular as well. In this episode, the panel discuss Piero’s article 10 Things Programming Has Taught Me About Life. Piero leads the discussion, inviting the panel to reflect on their choice to use Vue. They begin by discussing how Vue works for use cases and some weaknesses to look out for. Each of the panelists reflects on how they got started working with Vue. They give advice to people just starting out with Vue that they wish they would have done differently when they began. The panelists share some of their first projects they built in Vue and what made those projects fun.

They discuss how they see Vue’s position in the market. Vue has been the fastest growing open source software project for the past 3 years or so, and grows by about 10% each month. They talk about why they think Vue is so popular, with the consensus being that it is because it is very easy to get started. Chris says that if an employer is looking for Vue developers, hire a JS developer and give them a day to learn Vue.

The panel discusses the best and worst parts of using Vue and how they think the framework will evolve in the future. They share resources for listeners who want to start learning Vue immediately (see links). They discuss the characteristics of a good learner. The panel agrees that the best way to learn a new framework is to build something to share with someone you care about.


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